Planning on writing a Free content ,Introducing Pexels ,Youtube audio library

Planning to create Content ?


Are you planning on creating a content for your website , blog or youtube ,Then don't search google and get it ,you might run into copyright issue .Don't worry . there is a solution , there is a website called  get your free photo and video content from pexels and be free of copy right issue . 😊
Pexels website

Youtube Audio Library

Well all is not solved ,What about those audio contents?? well don't worry ,thats why we have Youtube audio library ;) :) Get audio content with no copyright issue .You can get access to free music and sound effects .
Youtube audio library

Internet archive

Then there is something called Internet archive ,which gives you access to all contents ,
But you should be careful , not everything is free from Copyright
Internet archive website

There are also a few other webpages  from which you can get free content . 
These three are really useful for anyone creating a good content


         Obviously you need an editing software pto put your content together .
I would recommend Openshot  Now GO on edit and create meaningful content be it for your website , youtube or blog .
Openshot free video editor

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