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In this digital world information is available to everyone at a click .Employers and hirers no longer needs to depend on resume alone to get to know you better ,they have access to a wide variety of information through your social media and professional accounts . They can know everything from your personality to what you love or like the most . So the question is how much do you know about your employer/hirer , well one could know by going through their social media platforms which is very likely to be private. Or you could just ask one of their employees right , but the opinion of one employee cannot say everything .but most will be reluctant to say because there is a risk that the employer might come to know about his employees opinion on him . Thats a real problem , So what if I tell you there is a platform where the employees can give professional opinion about their employer /Superiors/Peers. that's where mirrorview360 comes in.

This website allows you to give your professional opinion as well as search on the professional opinion of your interviewer or prospective hirer an that too totally anonymousyly .Savvy Right !

Where to give your professional opinion ?

So I am sharing you the link where you can share your professional opinion about your employer/superior that too Anonymously 
To give your Professional opinion click here  it will take you to the google form where you can give your opinion

         Where to view professional opinion given on an employer/superior..etc.?

To know professional opinion about any employer click here .!!! DISCLAIMER the data base is still in the development stage so you won't find data on some employers .But do feel free to share this article with the employees of any company of wich you need to know about the professional opinion of the employer.

Feel free to check out mirrorview360 

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