How to Overcome Failures?

 How to Overcome Fear of Failures?

Failure, it means not achieving the goals to succeed or not meeting the expectations of your desired target.
Girl dejected from failure

Causes of failure:-

It is really important to understand , the exact cause of Failure . There can be a number of factors that can cause failure ,Identifying the cause is vital in tackling Failures. 

1. Failed relationships:-

Some people fail to maintain relationships as they experience betrayal from one relationship.

They lack trust and thinks that everyone in this world wants to control, dominate and manipulate them. They don't let anyone give them any sort of advice and, they guard their hearts to not let in love from anyone.

2. Easily distracted:-

The main obstacle and cause of failure is distraction from your goals and concentrating more on gossips, people and social media rather than working hard and taking a step back as it looks hard for you.

Being distracted by a little noise of construction, child crying, music, remembering your past etc.

3. Lack of persistence:-

People who are not persistent tend to fail often rather than being persistent.

Persistence leads to success and those people who lack in persistence they give up easily for the goals they are passionate about since they are afraid of risks and challenges ahead of them.

Success doesn't come as easy as you think. Those who are successful have their own struggle story.

4. Not taking responsibilities:-

People who don't admit their mistakes, don't listen to anyone and thinks they are always right, don't take any responsibility for those mistakes they have done tend to fail as they don't feel guilty of those things and never try to improve it.

These type of people are actual failures and struggle for almost half of their lives just because of their silly mistakes and taking up no responsibility. Also make those people around them suffer too because of them.

5. Low self-esteem or low confidence:-

People who have low confidence and low self-esteem tends to give up easily, don't want to do any hard work or face any hardship.

As they have been teased by many people such as their peers, teachers, parents, relatives, siblings etc. that they can't do anything in their lives and all they will do is live on their parents money and struggle a lot.

Hacks of overcoming the fear of failure:-


1. Focus on controlling:‐

People who think that all the things around them happening, they can't change or control them and the thing they can do is wait for the storm to pass on its own and bear the pain.

But it's not the solution. Many problems have solutions which humans can change and have control over them, but they are unaware of. They need some sort of support from their loved ones and well-wishers to make them realize their power over that situation.

2. Take inventory of your life and learn:-

Taking inventory of your life experiences, struggles, mistakes, hardships, consequences etc. helps to learn from your mistakes and move forward in your life, keeping in mind the consequences and the failure you had because of it which made you suffer for so long.

3. Face the problem:-

People develop defense mechanism when they face any challenge or problem rather than solving it.

They don't want pain and just want to live peacefully without tension or hardship or hard work. But it's not done. Every successful person struggles to get there on the top.

4. Change perspective:-

Many times people have said "failures are a blessing" and "it's not the end of the world".

Failures give you clarity of things around you, wisdom, make you wise, responsible, kind person, less arrogant, teaches you, makes you learn, adjusting to the situation etc.

Failures are a true blessing since you know the risks you have taken, and it's consequences, work harder, focus onto the next to achieve higher rather than being stagnant and do the same work as earlier.

5. Be calm and live at the moment:-

Many people lose their patience and peace since they are fed up with struggling and working hard to achieve and fail every time they expect to succeed.

The problem is that people think of their past and future more rather than in present and living at the moment. Some people think that they were more happy and successful in the past than in present and some people think of the success they would get in the future.

But they aren't aware that they are blocking their minds, and it's an obstacle to move forward in their life, working hard and succeeding in the present.

Joy after overcoming failures

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