Kerala Youtuber -Ashkar Techy's Channel and personal devices Hacked - Anti covax controversy in BBC news

Kerala YouTuber Ashkar Techy's Personal Devices and YouTube Channel Hacked - amidst Anti -vax contraversy news by BBC

One of the leading YouTuber from Kerala with over 6 Lakh subscriber was in for a huge shock of his life as he found his personal devices and his beloved YouTube channel Hacked by an Unknown hacker.
The incident took place around 3:00 am IST on 25 June 2021.
The alleged hacker live-streamed a pre-recorded video of Mr Charles Hoskinson, one of the co-founder of Ethereum as well as the Founder of Cardano.[Multiple cases of YouTube Channel  being hacked and livestreaming similar video was found in the investigation. The aim of the hackers in using this video was to try and loot cryptocurrency from the viewers by offering them additional cryptocurrency for everything that they turned in].
Many of the viewers, who saw the video at that time, mistook Mr Hoskinson for a Hacker and rushed to his page to vend their anger. They used such foul and brutal languages on Mr Hoskinson 's latest video. Giving him massive dislikes as well as commenting and reporting on his challenge.
Amidst these, it has come to light that Mr Ashkar has landed in another controversy - that points out his alleged links with some foreign agencies to spread false rumors about the covod vaccines. The news of these allegations was brought to light by BBC.
The news report states that Mr Ashkar and a few other YouTubers procured funds from a foreign agency to spread false rumors about Covid vaccines.
Mr Ashkar had made a video for promoting the same and later took it down, after realising he has been spreading false news on behalf of the alleged promoters.
 Find more details here @BBC

Is this alleged  hacking of his personal devices and YouTube channel a cover-up ? Things are still unclear as he is not willing to comment on the matter at this point of time.

The Time Line 
  • News regarding Ashkar's Involvement in Anti-vax plot came on 25/07/2021 in BBC website.
  • Ashkar's YouTube channel and personal electronic devices got hacked on 25/07/2021.
  • The Hacker live streamed one of Mr. Charles Hoskinson's video on Ashkar's channel around 3.00am Indian Standard Time on 25/07/2021.
  • His close Followers and his enemies Starts putting up Videos blaming Mr. Charles Hoskinson as the alleged hacker, and requesting everyone to dislike and report Mr. Hoskinson's YouTube channel.
  • A Bunch of Keralites comes up on Hoskinson's channel hurling abusive comments and reporting and disliking his YouTube Videos(it was such henious and idiotic behavior.)Also it is to be noted that 90% of these comments are from minor teens.
  • This abuse continued onto day 2 - 26/07/2021.
  • Around afternoon same day Ashkar comes on his instagram and Secondary YouTube channel- clarifying that Mr. Charles Hoskinson is not the hacker and infact the video played on his channel was a pre-recorded video of Mr. Hoskinson.
  • His followers starts commenting apology messages in Mr. Hoskinson's YouTube channel and changing dislikes into likes.

Ashker's Clarification video regarding BBC news and Bad behaviour of some persons towards Mr. Hoskinson.

Do show your support for Mr. Ashkar by subscribing and supporting him on his YouTube Channel.


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