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Amal Gopal , the Kerala Tech and Gaming YouTuber who manages channels like  'Gadget One Malayalam Tech Tips' and ' Gom Gaming' seems to be adding a new innings to his career and life by unveiling 'Gomsownmake.com' . He seems to be  all set to unveil this new online platform on 24-February-2022 according to the posts he has made for his subscribers on his community tab.

Who is Amal Gopal?

Amal Gopal is a Kerala YouTuber who manages his three channels viz. - ‘Gadgets One Malayalam Tech Tips’, ‘GOM Games’ and ‘Amal Gopal’.

‘Gadgets One Malayalam Tech Tips’ is his pet project, which has given him the most fame and popularity. He does unboxing videos, introduction to new gadgets and technology in the market, tech tips and reviews. He enjoys the most subscribers on this channel as well. Tapping into the growing gaming YouTube market in Kerala, Amal Gopal started a second channel ‘GOM Games’, through which he live streams the games he plays to his viewers. His third channel, self titled ‘Amal Gopal’ is dedicated to his interests, experiences and life.

He is among one of the few YouTuber in Kerala who has received criticism and commendation in equally strong doses. Of late he has lost a huge portion of his viewers but he seems determined to make a comeback.

If you are someone looking for genuine tech related promotions he might be your guy , provided you have a pocket full of cash(this is purely based on personal opinion. I had approached him for genuine tech related promotions through different email id's, But he seemed rather too much expensive for me! But it would have been nice if he was more considerate to his subscribers ).

Goms Own Make

From the Little information that has leaked out on the web and information from his YouTube channels as well as IG - Goms Own Make seems to be an online website dedicated to tech related products (more specifically gaming products like computer pheripheral and other gadgets).
Gomx Search results

On 24-02-2022 , he has officially launched his brand "gomsownmake" the platform where he would sell his tech related products. As of now there is only one product - a mouse , a gaming mouse to be specific -which he name "GOMX Series 1"  launched at a price of Rs1499/- (and a 200/- off if you use any promo codes that he has provided)  

Gomsownmake website
Gomsownmake website with the GOMX Series 1 Mouse


  • High quality braided wire and comfort for long lasting gaming
  • Advanced Navigation detection technology for maximum motion detection upto  32 inch per second with acceleration upto 12G
  • Super Sleeky Design
  • USB 2.0 Interface technology 
  • Four Speed DPI  (1000- Green Light , 1600- Purple Light, 3200- Blue light, 6400- Red light   
  • 30 million switch life
Visit Goms Own Make | Hardwork Matters | Online shopping to purchase this product.

Listed below are some of the coupon codes that can be applied to get Rs.200/- off on this amazing product.


The Promo Image That was Shared on his YouTube Community Tab and Instagram
Gomsownmake promotional poster

GomX Series 1 gaming mouse  is the first physical product of Gomsownmake, which is actually a rebranded product and trust me it is a perfectly rebranded product. And why did I say perfectly rebranded? It is simply because of the good quality of the product. 

My Opinion - After Purchasing and Using GomX Series 1

 The Product Packing and Presentation - Good 
 The Product Quality                                - Good 
 The Price                                                   - Feels slightly high (based on market research)
 Country of Origin                                    -  China (but let's ignore that for now)

 I had placed my order on 03-03-2022 , through gomsownmake website, and I was informed that it would take 4-7 days for the product to be delivered to me. From the moment I placed the order for the GomX series1  mouse , until I received it on 07-03-2022 , I was getting frequent update on my email and as SMS on my mobile device ,status of the delivery. From my experience it was a good delivery system that has been set in place for the product delivery.  

I received the product on 07-03-2022 and it was well packed in a cardboard box, with gomsownmake logo on it.
Gomsownmake packing

In the box, there was the mouse placed safely inside a small pouch with Gomsownmake logo  on top and there was some stickers of the logo as well as a product guide with the description , specification and functioning of the Mouse. I did find some difficulty while trying to understand the manual, as there was no pictorial description for easily understanding the functions. 
Frankly at the asking price , there should have been a  free goody, maybe like a mouse pad and maybe a custom message from Gom , with a positive message and a token of thanks. 

Coming to the GomX Series 1 mouse , he has done an exceptional job of choosing the right product for rebranding, it is simply of a good quality and it is comfy and it seems durable(I have only used it for like 20+hours ). The only negative someone can find is that , the product is a bit overpriced based on its actual market value , and that it is made in China(so we are contributing more to the GDP of China). 
Hopefully he can use this as a stepping stone for his future products and he can come up with some good tech products that are made in India. 

My Thought on The Actual Product - Gomsownmake website

 GomX Series 1(the rebranded mouse)  is just his first physical product under this brand , although the real first product under the brand  is his website Gomsownmake . The website is just super with good attractive  graphics, and the ultimate product that holds immense value and something that which is at the core (Something I know so, because I am someone who has built his own website and still using it).  

I will Just make things simple - I will point out the benefit he can reap from the website.
  1. It is a good platform to advertise his brand.
  2. He can sell other rebranded tech products or he can sell some tech of his own or offer his services.
  3. He can add a tech blog and provide useful information in the form of articles along with his YouTube Videos.
  4. He can create a Forum , where his subscribers, as well as other tech enthusiast can come forth and hold discussions as well as come up with new ideas and solutions to tech related problems.
  5. And my personal favorite - he can add and offer online tools that can be really useful for others .
And the possibilities are  just endless!!!!

My Conclusion 

Setting asides all the differences and dislike towards him, I think we should all show our  support to  his new beginning. Let's try to make waves of change , where we create a friendly atmosphere for anyone to thrive in Kerala(which is presently lacking in Kerala.) Just show your support and let his reaction and attitude decide his future. All The Best!

[This article was written by a former subscriber  who is now not much of a Fan 

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