Android 13 New innovation And its Features

Android -13 New Features and Innovation

What's new in the latest version of Android, the world's most widely used operating system? So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. The new OS does not have the big change that Android 12 brought with the dynamic color theme engine 'Material U'. But it can be seen that 'Material U' has been further improved and a number of changes have been made.

  • Privacy and security

The company knows that new privacy features need to be introduced in this day and age when various countries are legislating to stop companies like Google from protecting users' privacy. One of the major changes in Android 13 is the security status with color code. The new operating system will instruct the phone owner on what to do to enhance the security of the smartphone. There has also been a change in the way Wi-Fi scans and locates. The other is in the case of clipboard history. (What's clipboard history? You'll copy a URL. It's been copied and pasted for a long time now. At 13 Google removes the clipboard history in no time. Other privacy features will also be included in the new OS.

  • Permission to send notification

Android is generally considered to be better than iOS in terms of notification system. But now a limitation for Android is that they allow apps to be notified by default. The user has to go and then revoke the notification permission for each app. It ends with the arrival of Android 13. Apps on the new OS will notify you by sending notifications only if you give permission.

  • Media Access

Apps now need to be allowed to access the gallery and more. It also updates to Android 13. From now on, you can stop accessing all the data and only allow two categories, 'Photos and Videos' and 'Music and Audio'. Those who want to take this one step further can do so. Getting ready for this is the 'Photo Picker' feature. This gives apps access to only certain photos that you allow. 

  • Photo picker UI

The company will also introduce a new user interface for photo picker. Now it is similar to the document picker in Android 12. Additionally, this user interface has the potential to extend to devices running Android 11 and above. This will be via the Google Play System update.

  • Google Wallet

Another important change this year is the return of Google Wallet. It works the same way as the Apple Wallet. Any card or key can be stored in it. The company says credit / debit cards, transit passes, office IDs, vaccine certificates, car keys, boarding passes, hotel keys and student IDs can all be stored securely in Google Wallet. From now on, the company will provide the opportunity to share the stored cards digitally. Cards can be issued digitally instead of being handed directly from one physical card to another. Wallet is also connected to Google Apps. However, Google Wallet will not be the only feature of Android 13. The company intends to offer this from phones running Android 5 Lollipop.

  • Attempt to excel on large screens

While Apple is empowering their iPods with features similar to laptops, the Android tabs are lagging behind to some extent. However, Google has been trying to overcome this since their Android 12. One of the new features that is coming to Android is to bring a split screen in the tab. Two windows can be opened side by side at the same time and the content can be moved from one to the other. For example an email is left open. Next to the gallery. You can easily drag a video or photo from the gallery to the mail.

The company also announced that it will be modifying its 20 native apps to suit the larger screen of tabs. The company also revealed that it is collaborating with other app developers such as TikTok, Zoom and Facebook to take advantage of the extra screen size of the tabs. Google also says that apps that have been configured for tabs since Android 13 will be displayed in the Play Store.

  • Material U

As you can see, the Material You theme system was introduced in Android 12. It's one that understands the color of your wallpaper and gives it to the whole system. This will make the phone look harmonious. This engine will be further updated in Android 13. For those who do not want to change the color of the wallpaper color of the phone will be given a few preset options. Color themes can also be applied to non-Google apps. In addition to this, many subtle changes are included.

  • Cost feature

The Google Chromecast feature allows you to project content to the big screen in just a few touches. Google also knows that millions of people use it every day. Now such casting can be done to chrome books or to the car system. 

  • You can select language for only one app.

  As mentioned earlier, the per-app language setting can be done on Android 13. You can keep other apps in other languages and assign a language to only one app. For example, those who want to use the social media app in one language and the banking app in another language can do so on Android 13.

  • ∙New Bluetooth Low Energy Audio

Many people now use wireless headphones. These are used in conjunction with the Bluetooth on the phone. The new default audio codec will be used. It is called the Low Complexity Communications Codec. The advantage is that it sends better audio to wireless headphones and requires less battery charge.

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