Some Useful Tips and Techniques to Pass any Interviews


“Tell me about yourself” is one of the most hair-raising questions that a fresher would face while sitting for an interview. -This question is a crafty one placed in front of the candidate by the interviewer, this is so because the interviewer already knows some details about the candidate from the resume submitted. However, still, the reason behind this question being asked is that he wants to know the candidates’ attitude towards the work, what are the values that he brings into the company and how well he fits into the job.

One cannot deny the fact that this question is one of the best keys to prove that you are the best for the given job, this is so because having seen hundreds of candidates similar to you, the interviewers expect for that one answer which would correctly light the candle.


1. Start with a formal greeting: Use the following wordings like accordingly Good morning (or) Good afternoon (or) Good Evening

2. Tell your Name: My name is XY / I am XY

3. Location: I am from XXX / I was born and raised in XXX/ I grew up in XXX.

4. Projects/internship undertaken: Include the topic, name of the company, type of the work done, awards won, experience gained.

5. Qualifications: I am a …. Graduate from XYZ University.

6. Additional Qualifications: courses done, language proficiency

7. Adjectives to describe yourself

8. Hobbies/passion/strengt-hs and weakness

9. Fun Fact (optional)

10. Describe some points on how well you fit in the job


1. Always sound enthusiastic.

2. Maintain eye-contact

3. Use hand gestures

4. Don’t sound lie a robot (don’t memorize)

5. Don’t stammer

6. Sound confident all along with your introduction.

7. Don’t take beyond a minute.

8. Be the best yourself

9. Don’t round the bush

10. Reduce the use of superlatives

11. Present the content in quite an intelligent way


1. Research about the company and the job offered.

2. Link your projects with the job offered.

3. Shape your answer based on the company.

4. Write down something more other than that mentioned in the resume.

5. Put in at most energy in your wordings.

6. Always maintain a sense of Formality.

7. Practice in front of the mirror.

To conclude, try to give your best possible answer to this question in the most confident manner as this will decide the flow of the interview, and this will put forward your first impression on the table.

Here’s what we had discussed:- Summary

- Why is introducing yourself properly crucial in a job interview?

- What makes a candidate the right fit?

- Most effective ways to introduce yourself in an interview

Before the actual interview
How to introduce yourself during the interview
What to say when you meet the hiring manager
What to do after the interview
- Introducing yourself in an interview: Best tips and tricks

Don’t show up late
Do your homework
Read the room
Dress appropriately
Avoid distractions and maintain eye contact
Be aware of your body language
Provide a relevant professional introduction
Practice, and then practice again
Prepare answers to possible follow-up questions
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken
Keep the focus on you
- What to say to introduce yourself in an interview?

Do not start with “Myself so and so”, ever!
Control the direction of the interview
Exhibit a positive attitude
It’s probably not the day to be funny
Smile occasionally
Show your communication skills
Discuss your skills, hobbies, and projects

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