Robot's to replace Human's in workforce as well as Households?? Some Insights

 The Daily Mail reports that Dyson, the company that makes vacuum cleaners and hair dryers, is secretly building a home made robot. Dyson's robot can do a variety of household chores. This can be done by wiping objects or washing dishes. The prototype video was shown at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Philadelphia.

Robot to perform daily tasks

Jake Dyson, Dyson's chief engineer, said robotics has a bright future. Robots can be left to do all the household chores they do not want to do. It can also save people a lot of time. He said he was the father of a child and now spends half of his time cleaning the house. The robot is being built at the company's plant in Wiltshire. Although no further details have been released, it is clear in the video that it has robots. It is said that it can pick up things by hand. It can pick up utensils, toys, and coins that fall to the ground.

The Robotic 'brain' by Dyson's

Dyson's engineers are working to create a special 'brain' to help the robot identify objects and people in a room. Engineers are trying to operate a room in a way that is safe for humans. Equips the robot's brain to perform 3Dmapping of the room. The company currently employs about 250 people in the robotics class. At the same time, the company plans to hire 700 more people in this segment over the next five years. Dyson's representative says they have been thinking for the past ten years about creating a robot that can take care of the house.

Musk's Ro-Boat , The Tesla Boat

Elon Musk says the Tesla boat, a humanoid robot his company is building, will be released next year. He made the announcement at a Tesla AI meeting months ago. But experts say the timing of the boat's arrival may not be accurate given his previous announcements and the time they took place. Musk's boat will do the same thing as Dyson's robot.

Dyson's weird headphones - air purifier

Dyson has developed a device that can be used for both headphones and air purification at the same time. The head phones have a mask-like mechanism that covers the nose. The company claims that this will protect it from both types of viruses. The company said it had not tested whether it would provide protection from SARS-Cove-2. Dyson says it can purify polluted air in cities and elsewhere.
Headphones also have these additional benefits. It also protect the ear from the harsh sounds that can be heard when entering a factory. These advantages are in addition to the fact that the headphone is a state-of-the-art listening device.

Apple may not make more iPhones this year

Apple has asked iPhone makers to make about 220 million iPhones this year, according to a Bloomberg report. This is the number requested last year. Apple is expected to make 240 million iPhones this year. It is said that the leap of most smartphone makers is likely to stop this year. Shaomi's sales in the first quarter of this year were down 11 percent from a year earlier. Meanwhile, the Korean technology giant has reportedly decided to make less than 30 millions martphones this year.

15,000 people lost their jobs in the technology sector in May

As many as 1.25 lakh people have lost their jobs in 718 startup technology companies worldwide since March 2020. The IANS reports that about 15,000 people lost their jobs this month (May) alone.

Tech Mahindra opens 5G lab in US

Tech Mahindra has announced the launch of a 5G Innovation Lab in the United States. This will be the focus of the various services available to customers who take advantage of 5G. At lab is in Washington the company said it would work with companies in the telecom and cloud sectors
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